Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 3 (Sunday)

Yesterday we had another yummy breakfast at the Apple Farm. We then went to Morro Bay and hiked on a trail to an outlook area and did some pictures. I've been wanting a family pic to put over my fireplace for 10 years now and we finally did it. (We're going back there this morning before we leave because hubby isn't happy with it.) Then went to Los Osos area and hiked on the beach there that has a lot of caves and rocks and a museum. Next we got some lunch and went to Cayucos to look in antique shops. Walked down the pier and then on the sand and played on the swings as we watched surfers catching some waves. Came back to Cambria area and shopped (bought some adorable teapot/cups (pics later)), Jimmy got a potato shooter, and some to die for fudge (melts in your mouth). Oh and in Cayucos went to a Starbucks and ordered a Peppermint mocha decaf....I'm hooked sooooooooooooooooooo good, can't wait to have another.

Today (Monday) we're redoing some pictures, playing on the beach, and heading towards home. I miss my Fuji! Might check out a couple more yarn stores if they're open today. So tired...gotta have a vacation from having a vacation!:)


Angela said...

Love the picture and I love your curly red hair. Is it naturally that color? And if yes how red was it when you are a kid? As you know I have three little red heads and I am wondering how long they will stay reds.

Nell said...

That's a great picture! You guys are such a cute family.