Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some pics of vacation...

My sweet water boy!

Me blogging in the hotel room! Gotta get my computer fix!:)

Finished the Tofutsies on the way to Cambria!
(Gauge is way tighter on one...oops)

Noro Iro yarn I bought in Atascadero.

Mommy and Jimmy!

Daddy and Jimmy fooling around and being silly!:)

Bought these handpainted tea for one pots in Cambria at the yummy fudge shop!


Anonymous said...

Oy! I covet your hair!

Lizet said...

Those teapots are awesome! I love the Tofutsies and the Noro, very pretty!

ChiliLady said...

Sorry for spamming, but I really like your writings and wanted to ask you if we could exchange links? Please write me a comment in my blog (my everyday glamour) that has to do a bit with the post *lol* then I know that’s okay for you ;-)
Hope you’re okay,
Chililady from Austria