Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monster Cookies and Manos Mitts!

These are the Monster Cookies! The first time I made my oatmeal cookies they were small little puff balls. I told my hubby I was going to make some more and he asked if I could make them cookie size this time. Well smart arse that I am...I made whopper size cookies...they're the size of a small saucer! We had a big laugh over them! To bad computers don't have
scratch 'n sniff!
Fingerless mitts are done...whohoo. These were so fun to make...so easy and fast too! Gotta make the boy some or he'll keep these!:) He posed quite well though! Gotta go swim practice!

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Angela said...

Those fingerless gloves are so cute. And those cookies are so yummy. I make cookie dough in the fridge so we can make cookies a few at a time. I actually started keeping the dough in the fridge so if anybody wants to look at my house I can pop some in the oven to make the house smell nice.(My husbands great idea.)