Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Ug, today I have to go shopping. I don't have enough pants for our trip to last 4 days...I would if my tush wasn't so big! Jimmy doesn't have enough pants (that don't have holes in the knees) and by golly he's grown...although we are going to the beach so I guess high waters would be appropriate! :) Oh joy this will be fun, each of us trying on clothes! I think I need new crocs too...what do ya think Jen! And of course I've already thought...instead of pants thats yarn money! ha ha Tomorrow will be laundry, ironing, packing day. I've found lots of yarn shops along the way...boy I got a great hubby!

In the knitting news: I'm working on my tofutsie socks (so much fun untangling yarn as you knit...again thanks Fuji)...I have both toes done on my smore toe up socks....Have about 4-5 sock patterns picked out that I have (yes have) to get sock yarn for this weekend! Want to do the monkey socks, jaywalker, Baudelaire, hmmm can't think of the other one! Hope these aren't to hard! Plus I might get to meet to of my friends from ravelry!

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Anonymous said...

I say more crocs is always the answer!