Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hubby at Play!

Doing a Mythbuster experiment with diet coke and mentos. You drop mentos into a diet coke bottle and it shoots up like a rocket! This to be done outdoors only!:) Yes, we're easily entertained! So much fun!
This is the surprise I did for my sweetie! Very heavy!:)
Haven't done much knitting...been playing Webkinz with addicting and so much fun! I won a contest on Woolgirl! Yeah, will post when I receive it. Love her site! Still debating on ordering the Haiku bag? Wish I could see these things in person...


Dawn said...

I've heard of that experiment!! I wanna try it now too!! ;O)

Wow!! How on earth did you get that out of your car???? That's HUGE!!! Your hubby looks pretty darn happy! What a great surprise! You did good!

I think we're all knitted out huh? LOL!! I needed a break too! I've just done a little here and there but otherwise just ignore the needles for now! LOL! Just a slight slump, it'll pass!

Hmmm, have you shopped around and seen if that's really the bag you want? I love too many of them. Vogue Knitting had some pics of bags in their latest issue. Geez, they're all pretty expensive. I just got mine from Marshalls! (As in cheap)LOL!

Can't wait to see what you won! You're too lucky. I'm not entering any contests that you do! hahahaha!

Keep in touch!!!

Nell said...

Have you tried the bottle full of vinegar with a baking soda "bullet" made with a bit of paper towel? It'll blow the cork right off! Good times when there's a little danger involved.

Angela said...

Wow great tool chest. I can't let my hubby see that he would be so jealous.

Dawn said...

I think you should go ahead and get the Bag!! I personally can't carry anything that small, but I know lots of my friends can. I like all the pockets it has. I bet you'll be glad you got it after all! :)