Saturday, December 22, 2007

Special TN package!

Wow wee! Look at what came in the mail today...yup I did the squeal dance!:) My TN knitting buddy sent me this huge package! Look at the beautiful sock yarn...its so soft, cuddly, and totally awesome colors! I've never used this yarn or even seen this excited! I'll have to use the Best Friend pattern with this yarn...hint, hint Dawn!:) We've become really great friends in such a short feels like I've known her forever! Your friendship is the greatest gift of all...yup I'm going to get mushy and cry and not be able to see the computer screen. Yummy chocolate kisses, hot cocoa (which I've been drinking a lot of), Candy Cane tea (can't wait to try)(good for my sore throat), yummy berry lip gloss that I instantly put on as I'm snuggling my yarn, lotion for my dry (desert) hands :), modeling clay, adorable notepads (make all my scratches on from knitting) and look at the cute pen to do so with, and an awesome snowglobe that has two snowwomen :) in it (Dawn & Dawn). Whats funny is when I opened the snowglobe I was watching The Snowglobe movie on tv! Thanks a bunch, love everything! Can't express how much it means to me!
Oh, and guess what....started another pair of toe ups! Using the pattern on Wendyknits called Southwestern! Knitty has the figure 8 cast on gotta try it...go click on it!:) You can do it! Come on, come on...ready, set, go! Cast on, we'll do it together...we can complain about the things as we go!


Dawn said...

Seriously, when I first started blogging I never imagined I'd find such a Wonderful Friend!! :)You always make me smile Dawn! I'm so glad you like everything!!! That yarn is from my LYS, I had gotten something else, but when I saw that it that reminded me of peppermint, or some kind of candy! It just fit the season better! LOL!

That gal dyes some in the Universtiy of TENN colors (sherbet orange & white) but I told the LYS owner you would probably like the other better! Hahahaha!

I'll check out that sock pattern for sure later on. Today we did some more shopping and we took a long walk at a walking trail, now I'm hurting! If this isn't Fibro, I have no idea what it could be! Gonna go eat some more of my cookies!! :)
((((((((((Hugs from TN!!!)))))))

Nell said...

Great package! Enjoy that new yarn!

Have a great Christmas!!!

Dawn said...

Chelsea picked the clay out for Jimmy! She LOVES crayola! I should buy stock in that company. You would never believe how many crayons we have in this house. ;)

Lizet said...

Oh my, that is a lovely package indeed! The yarn is yummy!