Friday, December 21, 2007

I Won Something...a sweet gift!

I was one of the 1000th comment on Marisol's blog. So excited...I never win things! She sent this adorable shirt and yummy cookies...although I ate some of the cookies before I took the picture!
The lady who sent me the Chinese figurines sent home the art calendar for me and then another lady that works with my hubby sent the beautiful jewelry case "because your wife is so nice." The case is gorgeous and perfect for dpn's and notions! That was so sweet of them...
Off to work on the toe up socks a bit...hopefully a pic later (nope I didn't finish them last night TN :) !) I've got to get these done because I'm tired of looking at them! Hubby is now home for seventeen days...whoohoo....honey do's here we come!


Nell said...

Great packages! I love getting surprises in the mail. (not just when I bought something and don't remember!)

Dawn said...

Wow! That's awesome! I never enter anything (cause i never win!), now you've given me some hope! It's easy to understand why those ladies are so grateful to you, not many people can make such wonderful homemade goodies like you can. :)

Did you have any luck on that stretchy bind off for your toe ups?

Glad your hubby will be home that much, I could make a pretty long "Honey do" list myself with that many days to work with!! LOL!! :)

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

How do I get a shirt like that one?
Iam having a contest when i reach my 100th post on my blog watch for it;) Missed you at the knitting gathering alot of folks came it was fun and I love your antlers they rock!!!!! Darcy