Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So nice...

A lady (Lien) at my husbands work went to Chinatown today and bought me these figurines..they bring good luck. I've been making cookies/bread every Tuesday for the past three weeks and she wanted to show her appreciation....and that I'm part of the family. Aren't they the cutest! My front bathroom is done in bamboo and these go perfect in there! That was just so nice of her...I've never even met her. He's very blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of great people. When I did meet some of his coworkers they couldn't keep from saying such nice, wonderful things about him. I'm the one truly blessed!

Fuji says, "Peekaboo"


Anonymous said...

See! The wonderful things that you were doing were just because you wanted to, not because you expected to be thanked....and look at how it came back to you :)

Dawn said...

How did I miss this post? Fuji is adorable as ever. Give her my usual squeeze.

Those figurines are so cute! But I can see how they appreciates all those goodies! :)