Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Tea!

Last night I went to our church's Christmas Tea. My mom, grandma and aunt went with me and we had such a great time! The had a huge grandma won a family fun gift basket that had a fleece throw, Nativity book, Max Lucado dvd, and a 24 piece puzzle. She gave it to Jimmy and he immediately opened it, wrapped himself in the blanket, read the book, and put the puzzle together. They sang a lot of Christmas carols, the pastors wife told a beautiful, heartwarming story, and lots and lots of yummy goodies. All different kinds of cookies, scones with devon cream or lemon curd (which my mom ate plain), gingerbread cake, and a variety of teas. Our table was just gorgeous...each table is done differently but I think we got the most elegant one! Pink crystal, rose tea set, gold and crystal settings...just beautiful! Nope forgot to take a camera! Had a wonderful time...a time to remember! Can't wait till next years!


Dawn said...

I'm so jealous!!! I wish I could've been there too! How awesome that you have family to share things like this with!

Okay, I forgive you forgetting your camera since you have been a bit under the weather! But next year....

Feel better soon!!!

Dawn said...

PS. I love how you keep updating your avatar!! It seems like a good sign that you're dressed and not in your robe and bunnies anymore! :)