Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Halloween that bed head Jimmy!:)
He had a cool breakfast too....jack-o-lantern donut and chocolate donut! mmmm
Fuji was really excited to see what was in the present!
Was there something for her too?

Fuji said, "ah, man nothing in there for me!"
Jimmy got an awesome timber wolf signature webkinz...he named it Canis!

Fuji still trying to find something for her...

Yeah, Fuji got a pumpkin plush! She ran around and around the couch and got all spazzy! Was toooo funny!
Had a great day...ordered pizza, wings, quepoppas, and cinnamon sticks for dinner.
Jimmy chose to just chill out instead of trick-or-treating this year.
The winner of the blog button contest is.......MsDiva (Jeanine).
The runner up is.....Robin (spinnerknitter).
Congratulations! I've already contacted you about your prizes!
I used the random number generator to pick the names.
Follow my blog in the sidebar and join the Wolfe Farms ravelry group to learn about upcoming contests in the future! Thank you to all of you who participated I really appreciate it! Hugs!!
I'm off to get ready for the Weaving and Fiber Festival in Torrance, CA. Whoohoo!!


Sue said...

Aren't dogs just like kids when there are presents around. They're so happy when it's for them.

Courtney said...

I agree...Fuji is soo is jimmy...he did have some major bedhead :-)

Channon said...

What a great package! I love it when the girls get the "zoomies" which I'm guessing is my word for Fuji's spazzies?

g-girl said...

aww, you're such a great mom, you got jimmy and fuji halloween presents? :) how grown up jimmy to decide that he wasn't gonna go trick or treating. :)