Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wee Tiny Sock Club!

As a member of the Winter 2009-2010 Wee Tiny Sock Club, you will receive a package in the mail each month this winter, December, January and February.
Each package will be based around a different winter theme, and will contain:
An original creative wee tiny sock pattern
A taste of yummy hand-dyed sock yarn, plenty to knit the wee tiny sock
All notions needed to complete the pattern - for example, beads and beading needle would be provided if needed, so you don't have to run out for extra supplies. Stitch markers that coordinate with the theme surprise goodies!
Signed up for this today...can't wait, it sounds like so much fun and the wee socks are soooo cute!
The AVC craft fair went great yesterday and got to chat and hang out with a bunch of Ravelers! Loved the looks on peoples faces as Brian was spinning on a drop spindle! Even got to meet a raveler I've only spoken to on the computer! Very cool! Now its time to restock again and get ready for the next show on December 5!


Sue said...

The tiny socks look like fun. Can't wait to see them when you finish.

Dawn said...

How cute!! I have one of those sock blocker key chain thingy's but have yet to make up some little socks! LOL!! Can't wait to see what you get!!

Hope you guys are feeling better now! I've had so many issues myself lately! I never know what'll be next anymore! Well, get well so you can keep up with your busy shop now! So glad it's going so well! Big Congrats! :O)

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