Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scrumptious Fiber!

This Woolgirl kit was inspired by Robert Frosts poem, "Birches."
The kit includes:
1 skein of Pigeon Roof Studios fingering weight sock yarn in the Winter Birches colorway.
Birches sock pattern designed by Laura Patterson. Winter Birches mitt pattern designed by Lisa Dykstra (love her patterns).
A birch themed sock knitting bag designed by Faye of The Silver Pumpkin.
1 set of birch dpn knitting needles from
Set of birch themed greeting cards designed and painted by Jean Kreiter. These are so pretty!
A stitch marker designed by Debbie and Jenny from Crimson Orchid Designs.
A mini crochet hook stitch saver designed by Ruth. Beads to add to you socks and a birch themed gift tag.
I love the mitt pattern and can't wait to cast them on...need to finish up some of my projects first!
I ordered some fiberphiles yarn and haven't posted it yet. The update was on the nineteenth of October. OMG what a crazy production that was! Had to keep f5 the whole time because as soon as she put up a skein you refreshed and it was gone. Tried putting the pumpkin spice one into my cart and whammo it was plucked right out from someone else. Jimmy came over to help me and we finally scored the blackberry expresso. I had just had my heart set on the pumpkin spice...even had a pattern bought for it....Nathan (straphanging) had scored it so said I could buy it from him! So sweet of him! The pattern I ordered for this yarn is a shawl and I'm so glad I haven't cast on yet because I keep getting pattern errata sent to me! It's a thirteen page pattern too and I've already reprinted it three times! It's the Antonia shawlette. Such yummy yarn...the pumpkin spice has cashmere in it...mmmm!:)


Channon said...

Beautiful yarn! I'm glad you were able to get some of the pumpkin spice. I generally don't fare well in those cyber-dashes to check-out.

g-girl said...

wow. fiberphile yarn!!!!!!!!! and the skein you were able to buy off nathan is gorgeous!! i don't do too well @ the updates either so you're lucky you had jimmy to help!

Dawn said...

Very very pretty Dawn! That was worth the struggle to get!

Nat Red Knits said...

Wow! Pretty yarn...funny how you kept haing to f5! Sounds like you made it a mission...LOL

Knitting Kris said...

I absolutely love the Woolgirl Birches kit - it's probably one of my faves! I haven't tried the Fiberphile yarn yet, but I did just score Bugga at SAFF, and it's gorgeous. My new fave is the cashmere/merino blends - YUM!