Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dogs on Thursdays...DOT!

Beach Babe!

Hot Weather Tips:
Keep pets indoors in the extremely hot weather. In the shade it is still in the 100's here in the California desert. :(
Do not over exercise them or walk them on hot concrete/asphalt.
Give them a summer haircut to keep them cool.
Provide plenty of fresh/clean water at all times.
Never leave them in a parked car in the summer heat, even with the windows cracked a car is like a furnace in the summer.
Make sure sunscreen and insect repellent is safe for animals.
Other tips at ASPCA!
Happy DOT!


Nichole said...

2 paws up for the "hot" theme today ... ha ha!
LOVE that first pic - precious! Now that's one to blow up and frame!

Robin said...

I agree totally about taking care of our furbabies during the heat!

Love the pic...she needs to be on the beach when Rudy comes surfing in!!

Dawn Rene said...

Fuji wants some lemonade to go with her cute goggles! Thanks for putting out the great info for pet owners.

Channon said...

Great reminders. Love the doggles! I'd get some for my girls, but Gretchen doesn't want anything on her head/face, and Sissy's head is shaped differently than most dog's...