Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liquid Soap...Take 2

We're in the process of developing liquid soap....first batch didn't turn out at all.
Second batch worked out, lather's well, smells great, but too runny. Still usable but not up to the Wolfe Farms standard...
James testing the temperature.
Round three will hopefully turn out better!

Don't forget the Wolfe Farms Product Review Contest:
This is a contest to get product reviews on the website…
For those of you who have ordered or used Wolfe Farms please go to the site and review the products you have used.
You will need to sign in…go to the product you have used…click write a review…then post your review!:)
Every review is an entry to win:1st prize:
4 Pack Soap of your choice!2nd prize: Soap/Lotion set!3rd prize: Soap or Lotion of your choice!Thanks a bunch and good luck!
I'll run this contest until July have a month to enter!:)


Dawn said...

Go James!! That's so cool! I didn't know about the contest Dawn, I'll get on the ball one of these days.
My trip threw my whole life off for a bit.

Marjie said...

So, this is how your son does his science lessons - helping the parents formulate new soap! Wonderful!

Fru-la-la! said...

liquid soap goodness?! yes, please!

g-girl said...

liquid soap!! wow. I wouldn't even know the first step in trying to make my own. can't wait to hear how test #3 turns out. :)