Saturday, July 31, 2010

Napkins & Gift

Chris (knittingglassguy) and Cleone brought me this awesome Yarn Harlot calender for my birthday! How sweet and thoughtful was that! I love to read so can't wait to delve into this!
Bought this awesome water drop glass pendant from Chris and got the earrings free! He's got so many beautiful things...I've been trying to decide for weeks now which color I wanted! You can visit his website at Intricate by Design!
Had a great time at the knit meet today! Knittingglassguy, Katnmouse, Courtsgram, Riverrouge, Limejuicy, and Casdena all came over! Look forward each week to a fun time!

These are the reversible napkins I made. Above is the detail stitch I put around them! Still haven't let the guys use them yet though!:) Need to make more...


Gnat said...

awesome napkins!! And nice gift!

Dawn said...

Beautiful gifts! :O)
Your napkins are cool too!
Are you going to be making any needle cases???
hint hint hint.....LOL!

g-girl said...

very nice napkins!