Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yesterday went grocery shopping...oh what fun. I then went and swam at the pool while Jimmy was having a private lesson. Oh my gosh, that pool is sooooooo much bigger when your in it! I thought I'd die!:) It feels like your not even moving and then you peek and you still have half the pool to go! But I did do ten laps which is a mile! Whoohoo! Here Jimmy does 16 laps just to warm up! Wouldn't think you'd sweat while swimming but you face was so red! Then I came home and did the treadmill for a mile and a half. I'm hurting today! I'm going to go swim again though today and want to start doing this regularly. Still working on the Noro purse. TTFN!

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Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you were super busy!! What purse are you making?