Friday, September 21, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things.....

My Favorites
I have been tagged to share some of my favs...
Sound - rain
Late Night Snack - scoop of chocolate mint ice cream
Smell - lavender
Color Combination - love them all, can't
Nut - cashews
Time of Year - Winter....although here in CA its not a real winter!:)
Books - I love to read....favorite would be Harry Potter and lately I'm hooked on the Janet Evanovich series.
Vegetable - corn
Male Actor - don't have a favorite...Johny Depp in Pirates...
Female Actress - Whoopie Goldberg
Movie - all the Harry Potters, 13 going on 30, Just Like Heaven
Flower - Sunflowers and roses
Vacation Spot - Cambria, CA
Favorite Area - near the ocean
Favorite fast food - Panda Express (orange chicken)
Pizza - pepperoni and pineapple
Subject in School - Science
TV Channel - DIY, Discovery, Disney
Radio Station - station
Holiday - Christmas
Perfume - Clinique Happy
Shoes - Crocs!
Candy - Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles or Turtles
Hard Candy - Jolly Ranchers
City to Shop - Los Angeles
Beauty Products - Youngblood (mineral makeup) and Clinique
Items to Shop For -Yarn, needles, patterns, yarn, books!

I tag Darcy, Melissa, and Jo!

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