Sunday, September 9, 2007

La Jolla...Race Day!

Yesterday we drove to La Jolla...seemed to take forever but made it just in time for check in. You should have seen the lines! We did get Jimmy an awesome Tshirt that says the event stuff on it. Then we drove and drove and drove looking for a McDonalds...took us half an hour (probably more) but whoohooo we found one. Went back to La Jolla and found parking a couple miles away from the cove but guess we were walking to the cove guess what I found.......yup a yarn store....Knitting in La Jolla! Of course I told my hubby and son that I just wanted to look real quick :) that I wasn't going to buy anything and can you imagine I walked out with a bag of stuff!:) The owner was totally awesome and nice. Pics tomorrow when we get home. Can't wait to show you...made hubby sit and look at it all with me...he's such a sweetie. Then we get to the cove and saw a couple of our team members and they took Jimmy out swimming in the ocean and out to where he'll race so he could get used to it. So cool, he had a blast...I didn't think he'd ever come out of the water! He saw the California state fish...its a big orange fish...lots of grey with blue stripes fish...and others. One of the moms snorkeled out to the kids and took some pictures....I really hope she sends me some. He is very nervous about today but he'll do fine...he's been strategizing all week. There are thousands of people competing! I asked him what he's nervous about and he said the seaweed stuff and that there are so many people. After the beach we went to the hotel...looked at my yarn goodies again...then went out to dinner.....came back to hotel to shower and rest and of course look at my yarn goodies again!
He races at 9:25 so need to shower, get ready, go eat a good breakfast....find parking (hmmm maybe by the yarn store again :)) check Jimmy in...Jimmy race....back to hotel....Jimmy shower...back to beach for award ceremony...lunch........longggggg drive home! Have a great day!

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