Thursday, September 20, 2007

Its Raining....its pouring...

Nope no old men snoring!:) A ten year old though!:) We haven't had rain in over a year! Hopefully it'll rain good! Love this weather...perfect knitting weather...baking bread...candles lit all over. Nice thought huh but nope gotta do school!

I've been swimming every day now...I'm up to 40 minutes. I'm really enjoying this except when I suck the water up my nose! Nice sinus levage! A teenager on the swim team told me "You never need kleenex at the pool!" yew! I did find this really cool watch I want to order. It keeps track of your laps in the pool plus the times of them. After I get to six laps I lose track so this would be really awesome. They come in really cool colors but want to get one that my son can use too. Guess pink is out!:) Will probably get the black one but then I'm going to need black crocs! Good excuse for some new crocs huh?

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Crocs don't need no excuse!

(that bad grammer killed me! As Alton would say "Garlic don't need no reason!")