Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day...Movie Monday...

James and Jimmy have today off because of Martin Luther King Day. Caught them playing a little basketball and of course Gypsy had to sneak in and get a little loving!

I've been calling the dentists trying to get in to see them sooner than Thursday because I'm in soooo much pain. The dentist thinks its the root canal that I had done in October or the tooth next to it. Either way I'm in lots of pain. They finally called me back and are getting me in tomorrow. Never thought I'd look forward to seeing an Endodontist! So in the meantime I've been popping Advil like its candy every couple of hours...finally knocked out for a nap so got some rest from being up all night throbbing!

I did get to my knitting group meeting yesterday. Its nice to see what everyone is working on, what yarn they're using, etc. I also called my TN buddy, but just got her machine. I haven't heard from her in awhile and am hoping she is ok and I miss her lots!

Movie Monday....Rented Wanted and Meet Dave this weekend.... Wanted was good...had to really follow along which is kind of hard when I'm trying to knit :); Angelina Jolie is in this so very much an action movie, she is too skinny in this though, think she needs some lasagna!:) Meet Dave has Eddie Murphy so of course was a cute comedy, Jimmy was able to enjoy this one. He's from outer space and comes to earth but his body is his spaceship..funny. Usually we rent more for the weekend but got there late.

On the needles: the cast on part of the Dream in Color shrug (haven't worked on it except for casting on); the Valentine cloth; the Peppermint Patty socks; and my yoga socks (which are almost done.)

It was a little overcast today so made some oatmeal raisin cookies, knitted, listened to some podcasts and rested. Also heard from a good friend I knew in 7/8th grade on Facebook today...whats funny is she doesn't live far from me either! Its been so cool talking to her today! Take care!


Aim said...

Sounds like a nice day, when you ignore the pain part :(
Hope you feel better soon!

Sarah said...

Sorry about the tooth pain. :(
I kinda enjoyed wanted.. but I thought the same thing.. she needed a Cheese burger. LOL

Knitting Kris said...

Hope your tooth feels better soon!
It's funny to see pictures of people wearing just t-shirts outside (well, and no snow). It's only 14 degrees this morning, and this weekend it was -12. YIKES!

Channon said...

Hope you get relief for that tooth/mouth pain today. I don't know that anything's worse!

Nell said...

Speaking of movies... Have you seen Brideshead Revisited? It's so good. Great costumes and very, VERY British.