Sunday, January 11, 2009


Friday, Jimmy and I went around running errands and doing some shopping. We went to the mall so he could get a couple new Webkinz with his Christmas emperor dragon, lime dinosaur, and a sea otter...all very cute. We walked the mall and window shopped and joked around for awhile....then we went to JoAnn's. I was going in to get some cotton and buttons and some other yarn jumped into the cart too. I bought the greens to crochet a throw for the couch. I already have one for the couch but Fuji has designated it as hers. She buries herself under got to be careful because you would just think its an afghan thrown on the couch but she's under it! She has no hair on her underside and the top is very thin so she likes to stay warm cuz she's a naked puppy! Yes, I'm a good momma too and have made her sweaters (she has a whole drawer full) but she hates them and thinks she's in trouble when she has one on....unless its to wear when we go to Petsmart, then she struts with her chin held high!:) So funny!

Yesterday was spent cleaning, laundry, ironing, vacuuming, chocolate chip cookie making, listening to podcasts day....Today I'm hoping to go to a local knitting group meeting. Haven't done the Wii Fit in a couple of days because I'm hurting so bad from it...guess I should listen to it and take it easy, work up to it...blah blah, yes I did it gung ho and have been doing over an hour a day! No wonder I can barely move/walk!

James got a new zune for Christmas so I got his old one, which isn't even old, he got it last year for Christmas, but of course his new one has more room. Anyways I'm so addicted to podcasts now! I've listened to Nevernotknitting since Alana first started it but always listened to it off the computer so.....I just downloaded CogKNITive because she's in my local knitting, love, love it! Then I found Knit Naturally, which I've been friends with TX Dawn since I started blogging but never knew she started a podcast! Love, love, love it tooooo! Then I found Lime and Violet, which is an awesome one, lots of catching up on this one I need to do. Another one I just love is Brown-Eyed, love this one but she stopped podcasting last year due to a loss...I pray for her and her family during this hard time. I've downloaded some more but haven't had time to listen to them yet. What one's are your favorites?

Have a great weekend.....and KNIT/CROCHET!


KnittySue said...

YUM new shopping for it but I have 4 bins full so I have to de-stash!
Webkins are a hit around here to. I can so relate to your pup thinking they are in trouble if they have a sweater on..mine freezes up like he's a statue and won't move with one on.
Love your blog.

Channon said...

What's a zune? I don't do podcasts, don't have an ipod...

And I'm destashing. Hopefully, I will be a good girl and knit from my stash a lot!

Knitting Kris said...

Nice colors of green! Will you be crocheting it (as I see the crochet hook lying beside it)? I too, sometimes crochet, and it does seem to go faster than knitting, which when doing a blanket, is definitely a factor to be considered! :)
I have dial-up access to internet yet. I can't download a pod-cast to save my life. Sigh....

Nat Red Knits said...

I can't believe you got more yarn...again! You are such a lucky girl!

I love Lime and Violet... I am going to have to check out those other ones.
I haven't heard of them before (either that or my brain just isn't working so good tonite).

Have you ever noticed...You seem to attract redheads and people named Dawn??? LOL

Nell said...

I'm getting inspired this week reading blogs to clean. It really needs to be done!

Glad you and Jimmy had some time together. It always seems like there's no time during the holidays.

KnittySue said...

I just tried that Vanna yarn and I love the squishyness it has. Let me know what you think after using it.