Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome Bonsai!

We got a new family member...Bonsai the Betta fish!
Went to the dentist because my root canal I had done a couple months ago is still causing me pain...have to go to the root canal doc next week for him to check it...Sooooooo Jimmy and I went to Petsmart to get us a new fish! We had one a couple years ago that lasted 4-5 years!
While we were out Fedex dropped off my new Crocs...I love Crocs and they were on sale for $14.99! So got bright blue, orange, and purple!
Have a wonderful day!


Jeannine said...

OH Wow, only $14.99??? I have some chocolate brown Mary Jane crocs that I love.........:) Ew, root canal. I haven't had one, and am scared of them already!

Knitting Kris said...

I love the crocs (and the new fish). The crocs are so fun to wear, with the great colors and all! The Mary Janes are my personal favorite. They just tend to fit my feet better.
PS - I have a pair of pink and blue ones all ready for spring! :)
And they show off handknit socks beautifully as well!

Channon said...

Sweet! We like betas a lot... And I plan to pack my fleece-lined crocs for the weekend!

Gnat said...

Where were they on sale!! I've been wanting a pair of the Mary Jane crocs forever!!

We had a betta fish and a tiger barb and I killed them accidentally two christmas' ago! Well...they froze. Our heater didn't work and got down to 30 degrees one night and they both were sick the next day and I tried to save them but no go! I keep telling Kenny I want to get another one but he says no.

May need to go sneak one in the house! :) Congrats on the addition!

Nell said...

Welcome, Bonsai!!! Bets fish are so funny. Have you put the mirror up to him yet???

g-girl said...

how's bonsai doing?? :) sorry to hear about your root canal still buggin' you! :P