Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Happy 1st Day of Spring!
This is also my first tulip! So cool because it's the first time I've ever planted bulbs. You plant them in September and you get this beautiful surprise in the spring! All our trees are budding and flowering too...might even get some fruit this year on some of them!

My prize package from Woolgirl arrived! I won this contest in January about pine cones! It came with a cute project bag that's like a backpack, some cute sheep note cards, a weekly magnetic planner, and two skeins of yarn...Madelintosh and Stitch Jones (which I've never even heard of!) Very cool! I'd forgotten about this so was very surprised when there was a package out by my fence! Had to think...what did I order now?:)

Took Fuji to the vet yesterday too...updated her shots and had them check a lump on her arm. The vet said it wasn't a malignant tumor but either a fibrous tumor or a birth defect. Just so glad it wasn't the "C" word! The location of it though the doctor wants to just leave it alone unless it gets bigger of bothers her. I think I was shaking about as bad as she was! She slept the whole ride home, totally exhausted from the trip. He examined her so thoroughly for about 20-30 minutes...very pleased with him. Glad she's her sooooo much!


Channon said...

Happy spring! It's colder again here, dang it. Love the prize pack too!

Gnat said...

Happy Spring and congrats on the Package!!!

Dawn said...

Great Prize! Glad to hear Fuji is okay, that has to be scary, keep a close eye on her.

Knitting Kris said...

Nice prize package! The tuplip is gorgeous! We have some planted in the front of our house, and I love to see them bloom from year to year.
Just catching up on my blog reading, and I noticed you got a wheel - that must be exciting! Enjoy!

Nell said...

I'm in love with having flowers around right now too. LOVE them!

Glad to hear Fuji is OK.

g-girl said...

whew, thank goodness fuji is okay. congrats on your first tulip! :)