Saturday, March 21, 2009


Whoohoo a FO! Finished my Alpaca Cloud Wrap, modeled by the lovely Fuji Ann!
This was an awesome pattern and the Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn was divine!
Gotta love some new books. What a great beginner spinning book too! I've been wanting the Answer books to have in my bag and since I had some amazon points, whalla they jumped into my cart!

Jimmy's doing a great job with the drop spindle...even mentioned he might have to knit something out of it!:) He sits with me while I spin and he drop spindles...lots of fun!

Off to Target to get the 3-disc DVD of Twilight! So excited!


Dawn said...

Fuji deserves something really nice! LOL! Congrats to Jimmy, glad he's enjoying it!

My girls are not into yarn stuff anymore :*(
I need to get them to share the love somehow. The stash has to be taken care of someday!

Robin said...

It's awesome you have a young man who will sit still long enough to spindle! My boys would have put their eye out...they never sat still!
I pre-ordered my DVD, it'll be here on Monday--I'm not one to wait in lines or fight crowds...yeah, I'm a wimp!

Channon said...

Go, Jimmy! That's so very cool.

Fuji, you look stunning in YOUR wrap. Just be a sweetie and let your mama wear it some too, okay?

Gnat said...

Love the model! ;) And GO Jimmy GO! that's so awesome!

I love Amazon and books! :)

Nell said...

Go Jimmy, Go!!! That's so great he's interested.

g-girl said...

wow, jimmy might just need to teach me how to drop spindle..i can't get the hang of it!