Monday, March 30, 2009

Spin Day!

Yesterday, Ann (Stashymama) above hosted a spin day at her house. The above picture shows her demonstrating how to make a rolag out of dyed cotton...then how to use it on a drop spindle and a spinning wheel. It was so much fun playing with all her toys. She had 2 wheels, drumcarder, a couple-3 sets of handcarders (1 wool and 2 cotton), spindles, wool paddle combs, flax hackle and washed the final quarter of Chiquita so we could see the scouring process. There was way more than this too....brain overload!
This was the agenda:
Scouring Fleece (demo) Combing Fiber (Demo/play - into “Top” for Worsted spinning) Handcarding non-cotton fibers (Demo/play into “Rolags” for Woolen spinning) Handcarding cotton (Demo/play into “Punis” for supported spinning) Drumcarding batts (I have lots of colorful play fiber for you) Drop spinning Supported spinning - be ready to sit on the floor =D Setting twist (for both protein and cellulose fibers) 2 wheels for your use Fibers available: mohair, llama, cotton, wool, flax, camel, chiengora (dog), etc) Maybe dying (demo) time permitting

Loretta and Nathan taking a break from knitting/crocheting.
Had lots of yummy food too...don't' food and knitting go together?

Above pic as Juanita, Kim, Carol and Gemma preparing the grub!
Had such a huge turnout....Ann (Stashymama), me (knittinwolf), Nicole(FreckleFaceFibers), Juanita (jdheyerman), Kim (Ravensnest), Loretta (Loretta1031), Nathan (straphanging), Tally (rksmom), Carol (Needles), Robin (nd2knitredhead), Gemma (GemmaDW), Jaimie, Mindy (HeyMindy), Brian (Bobokickass), Melissa (Pudmuddles) , Jo (Bellatrix), Amanda (SugaryDynamite), Wendy (Filmstrlet), and Stacy (Jedimom). So funny how we call each other our Ravelry names! Nicole brought two wheel, I brought mine, Robin brought hers...then all our knitting bags..the place was a packed house! Nicole (freckleFaceFibers) brought me a lot of roving too which was soooo awesome. Can't wait to have another meeting...this is such an awesome group!

I learned to two-ply today! I have about two hundred yards! So cool...this spinning is so much fun! Gonna go play with some of the cool stuff Nicole brought me!


Channon said...

Spinning, everywhere. Think maybe it's a hint I need to reconnect with MY wheel?!

Looks great - all of it. I'm so glad you have a group like that!

Nat Red Knits said...

Sounds like loads of fun!! I am jealous! One of these days...maybe ;)

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun day! :)