Monday, October 8, 2007

Fuji Pumpkin!

Finished Fuji's Pumpkin sweater last night. She was not happy to model it though! Poor punkin'!:) Started a pumpkin hat for me last night. The circ's I was going to use the cable was too long so switched it to dpn and the stitches keep coming off. I need the whole set of knitpicks interchangeables!:)

Was emptying the dishwasher and looked out the kitchen window and this was in my backyard. I used a telephoto lense but it still looks far away...about 600ft. away. There were two hawks but couldn't see the other one all that well.

Still not feeling 100% but went and swam for half an hour. Jimmy still isn't feeling well and has a meet this coming weekend. Don't know if we'll go if he doesn't start feeling better. He's already been out of the water for 11 days. Poor kiddo!


Jenny said...

Oh! How CUTE is that!?!

Glad you're feeling better, even if not 100%! I think I'm done with my crud finally :)

Angela said...

You need to put a little sign over Pumkin that says "NOT YOUR DINNER". Watch out for that little baby. The sweater is too cute.My dog really hates it when we put sweaters on him but later when we go to take it off he doesn't want you to.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Cute Puppy gorgeous sweater and the Hat one word magic loop it well that is 3