Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hangin' Out!

Yesterday Jimmy and I just hung out. We watched some scary Goosebump movies...and some I Love Lucy episodes. My mom came over and brought Jimmy "Surf's Up" so we watched that and ordered some pizzas to eat with it. Then we had some halloween oreos and milk...mmmm yes I'm being bad this weekend! Finished all the knitting of Jimmy's bear but I need to now sew it all together, stuff it and stitch a face on it. Than I can get back to the Tofutsie sock 2 and the tangle of mess!
Today when hubby gets home we're going to pop some popcorn, carve a pumpkin and watch the Nascar race. My knitting group is having a meeting but I'm home alone with a sick boy...tired too. My closest neighbors were having an all night LOUD party. They are about 5 acres away and we could hear, with all the windows shut tight, every word and bump of the bass! Not that I could understand the words because my spanish is lousy... Been doing school reports, planning next bathrooms, laundry, and I still need to iron. Fun, fun, fun!

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Angela said...

You know I love my neighbors until they have a party. Even if I am invited to the party and go and stay for an hout or two, when I come home I want to yell out the door..shut that fu ...please turn off your radio my kids are trying to sleep. I'm real neighborly until they start being completely thoughtless.