Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin Hat 2!

Finished hubby's pumpkin hat! I wonder if he'll model it for me later!:) Going to start on Jimmy's bear he's wanting done out of the misti alpaca. He woke with a sore throat and not feeling good. I'm just congested. I think its this dang weather. One day we're freezing wearing jackets the next day we're in shorts and its 100 degrees. Wish it'd make up its mind! Going to go make some hot cocoa! MMMM!


Anonymous said...

Dawn, I did get your email and I replied to you, didn't you get it :( this is weird

Angela said...

Hey..are you getting any kind of smoke from the fires there?The last time I did and my kids stayed congested for two weeks. That could be it. We were even getting ashes on or car. Can you believe that, Bakersfield of all places.

jo said...

gots to love the knitted punkins

did you see mine at the Palette?