Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jimmy's Bear!

Been working on Jimmy's bear...almost half way done. Thought I'd post a pic of it because my camera and laptop are going on a fishing trip with hubby this weekend. What am I to do? How am I going to survive not posting pics on my blog? :)

Jimmy is really congested and will probably go to the doctor tomorrow. So far it hasn't hit me like it has him...I know just wait...I'm with him 24/7 its bound to happen.

I'm really feeling the urge to buy some yarn...not that I don't have any to use!:) I'm really wanting some of Alice Jeans, some of Woolgirls, some of Yarn Pirate....then I'm really wanting some needles from Knitpicks. Got my eyes on some adorable sock blockers on ebay...I've got the shopping bug!:)

Soon I'll be on ravelry...3,000 to go! It'll probably happen this weekend when I can't take pics of anything! whah! that was a whine if I ever heard one!


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the sock blockers. I bought mine from them and I love them. You will not be disappointed!

Angela said...

I love the teddy bear. I think I want to make one for my girls.

Lizet said...

The teddy will be cute. The sock blockers are adorable and I know all about yarn addiction, LOL!

jo said...

is that misti alpaca chunky that you're making the bear from?