Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Party

Hubbies gone fishing so I went shopping!:) Didn't go for to long since Jimmers is sick but did get me some nice new jeans and actually came down in the size! Of course then I bought some Halloween Oreos and some frosted sugar cookies! They don't count in calories if they're for a holiday right?:)
Came home and Jimmy crashed, sound to sleep for two hours! His friend, best buddy, was having a Halloween party and he begged me all day to go. Soooo...yup we went. They're whole house was beautifully decorated and the
cake looked like a statue, totally awesome! They had a whole carnival with lots of games, they'd turned their garage into a haunted house, costume contest, yummy nachos and punch...we had a great time. I wore my new jeans, my hair curled and more makeup than I usually wear...Jimmy said I looked very pretty. To bad I didn't have my camera...whah.
On the knitting front...didn't get any done yesterday!


Nell said...

I'm glad you had fun at the party. And congrats on the smaller jeans. That's always nice!

Anonymous said...

You are such a sweetie :) I am fine, I had a busy day with Nick and the Sewing machine Friday and most of Saturday... and here I am now. I love that you are checking in on me :) Post coming soon :)

jo said...

i'm missing all the All Hallow's Eve fun! *pout*