Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tofutsie Sock 1 Done!

Yeah! I got the first sock done. As I was sewing the toe though I noticed a dropped stitch about 2 in. down. Scared the pooey out of me but got it picked up. Still haven't been able to untangle this yarn. I just knit a bit and then wind it through till I get more yarn and knit some more! I didn't want to lose the end so casted on for sock 2! I need to work on Hubby's pumpkin hat now!:)

It's so nasty here. With the winds the valley is covered in dirt plus there are like 5 fires around. They're not even showing the Nascar race because all the breaking news about the fires. Have to keep checking online to see who's winning...go Jeff Gordon! Staying inside so I don't breath this yuck. Gonna go knit a bit!


Nell said...

I really like the sock. But that tangle just makes my heart break.

To answer your questions on my blog... I love Yarn Pirate. And I love the club. The last color isn't my favorite but that's not too bad. I'm not in Woolygirl. There are too many as it is! I have the metal KP Options and I love them. But I think if I had them when I first started knitting they would have been too slick. And the wood ones are on my Christmas list. Then I will NEVER need to run out for needles again!

Lizet said...

The colours of the sock are really lovely! The tangled yarn must be very annoying, I admire your courage to knit with it, whatever the mess. I HATE to untangle yarn, unfortunately I have to do it myself from time to time :-(. It takes me hours!