Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fuji's Halloween Sweater!

Finished another dishcloth and started working on a sweater for Fuji. The turtleneck part is going to be green then the body is going to be orange. I'm then going to stitch on a pumpkin face on the back and she'll be my little pumpkin for halloween. I need to order Jimmy's costume...he wants to be a dementor!

This is a pick of my boys shooting off their rocket they made in the backyard. They lost it after the second launch and can't find it. In the pic you can see the smoke of the launch on the right. Pretty cool...I suggested a bigger one where we can find it again!:)
Jimmy and I haven't felt well this week so have been taking it easy where we don't get really sick. Spent a long while on Ravelry this afternoon (thanks to Jenny) oh my gosh its so addicting...looking at patterns and groups and blogs and wow! I have some 13,000 people in front of me!


Angela said...

No offers :( I try not to think about it. I want to do toe up, do you think its possible to do two toe up? I love the wrap and the ruffle is why I wanted to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I miss chatting with you more, I've got to get out of this 'funk'. I'm glad it's the weekend.