Friday, October 5, 2007

Pumpkin Sweater...

Still working on the pumpkin sweater for my Fuji...after I finish that I'm going to make me a pumpkin hat to match her! I asked my hubby if he wanted one too...he gave me a look:)! My buddy, Jenny,got an awesome package from her secret pal. I love, love the Pirate yarn...really controlling myself from ordering but I don't know if my fingers won't stop walking! Plus she got a stitch counter...I'm really wanting one of those too to try. I've got to do this secret pal thing next time they have doing secret things for people.

I've missed swimming all week because I've felt crappy. Its a real bummer because my sweet hubby got me my lap watch this past weekend. I haven't even got to use it! Guess I could try it out in my bathtub! Today its been real cold (cold for Ca anyways) I'm itching to have a fire! Gonna go swim in my tub and then knit a bit!

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Ahoy Matey ;)