Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Treasure Hunt!

It's Jimmy's 11th Birthday today! I made a treasure hunt for him to find his big present. The first clue was on the Webkinz cat that I put on his pillow. It said: Happy Birthday! Are you ready to play? Go pee and you will see...your next clue! Didn't post the toilet picture where clue 2 was... I know your surprised I didn't post that one huh!?

Clue 2: Find the things that go on your feet. They rhyme with socks! You guessed it his Crocs!

Clue 3: Open door, clue not on the floor...straight ahead, there are 12 of them....yup on the tree!

Clue 4: Now find something blue, there you'll find something for you! (Its where we throw things away.) You guessed it the trash can...where he found clue 5 and a package! Pssst....inside the package is a basketball!

Clue 5: Take two steps forward, turn to the left..your birthday surprise! A basketball hoop!:)
Love, Mommy & Daddy. He was so shocked and surprised! It was really fun watching him find each clue! Going to order some pizza for dinner and play basketball! Having his party on Saturday with the family...had to do something on his actual birthday though!:) And no I'm not making him do school! Boy I'd never hear the end of it! Eleven years old....time flys!


Dawn said...

You're such a fun Mom! Can you do that for my girls too?? LOL!!

Hope you guys have a great Day and a great Birthday Weekend!!

Happy 11th Jimmy!:O)

Nell said...

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!!!

I love the scavenger hunt! My grandma did that a couple of times and it was my favorite way to get presents.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I had fun going on the scavenger hunt with him:)Happy Birthday jimmy!!! Hugs from your favorite school time break friend;)

Angela said...

That was so cool. What a good mom. What a really good idea with the scavenger hunt. I am gonna use that when my kids get a little older.