Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!:)

OOOOOOH it's Friday the 13th! Who cares just thank goodness its Friday!:) Tomorrow is Knit in Public day...the Knotty Knitter group I go to is meeting at a Carl's Jr. Another group in town is knitting at the mall. So cool to hear where/what people are doing and where they're going to knit.

My friend, Darcy, is having a 200th post blog party with 5 wonderful prizes. Click her name and enter to if you say you came from my blog I get an extra entry!:)

Went Father's Day shopping too today. Can't say if I got anything because he reads my blog!:) Did stock up on towels at Mervynes because they were having a sale and got Jimmy a new bedspread for $20 (cool leopard print)! He also bought some Webkinz with some of his birthday money! Hope ya'll have a great day!


Dawn said...

Friday the 13'th! No wonder why I'm so out of it today! :P

They tried to get our KIP at the mall but there was the whole Insurance thingy...bummer. We're doing it at a couple of libraries in surrounding areas. Not many will see us unless we're "outside" and who wants to be outside in this humidity? Not me! LOL! I'm going to try to stop by really quick on our way to the inlaws.

I haven't felt well enough to go shopping but his socks came out okay after all. Not the BEST I've done, but wearable! LOL!! We'll be celebrating with his family so that's special since we all live apart.

Have a great Weekend!!! :) :)

Nell said...

I'm still deciding what to do for WWKIP tomorrow. I'm glad you have plans! Represent!!