Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy Day!

The day started out with James making me this wonderful breakfast...homemade french toast. It was soooo yummy...I think he's hired!:)
He then went to pick something up at Walmart and found me these adorable rocking chairs for my porch! I can sit, knit and rock with my buddies!:)
Then we went to Littlerock, CA to a store called Charlie Brown Farms. They have everything imaginable...knick knacks, collectibles, produce, dining, candy, name it they have it! Takes a long time to go through the whole place...its huge and so much to look at!

This is the outside of it with and awesome looking cool dude!
Oh No, Jimmy's being eaten by a dinosaur!:)

Of course we got some goodies...fresh honey, honey sticks, jalapeno jelly, watermelon licorice, gummy sharks and other gummy candy, Burts Bees lipgloss, wolf t-shirt for Jimmy and crystal growing thingy, and an alpaca statue! Fun, fun, fun! Off to McDonalds for lunch and then....

Then we went to a nursery and filled the back of the truck and trailer with bushes, plants, and trees! So dang hot and humid today too...117! Gonna go shower and get cleaned up! Had a wonderful time today but soooooooooo tired!


Nell said...

Wow! 117?!?!?? I thought we were roasting!

French toast.... YUMMY!!!!

Katnmouse's Knitting Diary said...

Can I hire your Hubby for breakfast someday?????

Sure looks like you had fun.

Miss ya

Dawn said...

Well, now I'm hungry! I love french toast!! Men are such great cooks aren't they?

You look like you're around here in the south! LOL! Those rocking chairs on just about every porch here!! They sell them at The Cracker Barrel and at Walmart. That place you went to reminds me of some places we saw at N. Myrtle Beach. We had so much fun over there, very touristy.

Wow, those trees aren't cheap!! I can't wait to see them in a few years! I really should plant one or two around our yard, we've been debating since we know we want to move in a few years to a single's so hard to decide...

Okay, off to read more of your posts! :)