Monday, August 18, 2008


Celebrated the August birthdays in my family yesterday.
My Dad (Aug. 31), My Mom (Aug. 28), and my Uncle Bill (Aug. 4)!
My Dads twin is away on a trip so not pictured.

After the party my hubby found this at Home Depot as he was browsing around! Just noticed I cut off the one side of it but liked this pic because of hubby's happy smile! Put it together and grilled some yummy chicken on it! We've needed a new one for over fourteen years...we've been using one we bought at a garage sale for $5 and looks like its on its last leg!:)
Get to go to the dentist today...yipee! Hopefully I get done in time to go swimming. Jimmy is still in a lot of pain/tired/worn out from the swim meet and is looking forward to practice tonight to stretch and workout his sore muscles. Tootleloo!


Dawn said...

Wow does your Mom look so much like you!!! LOL!! Happy Happy Birthday to all of them!!

Your hubby does look pretty happy to have his mega grill! ;O) We just got rid of ours! LOL! You should see how many there are at the dump, it's kind of sad!

Have fun cooking and hope the dentist trip went good!

Angela said...

you really do favor your mom huh? Well I hope everybody had a good time.

Nell said...

You husband has the look of a kid at Christmas!

I hope the dentist wasn't too painful!