Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dawn!

Dream in Color Smooshy - Cool Fire - Forest Canopy Shawl.
Today is my TN buddies birthday...go wish Dawn a Happy Birthday! Make A Wish
I'm praying she opens her present before she reads my blog today! She's had it for a couple of days now but her hubby bet her she couldn't wait till her birthday to open it! I so wish I could see her face when she opens it! She has way more patience than me!
Started my Retro Redux Shrug yesterday! It's a KAL (knit a long) with my buddies in Atascadero! The yarn is Cloud 9 and its soooooooooo soft. It does have some angora in it which I notice is tickling my nose some. I've been doing so many chemo hats out of cotton that this yarn is just dreamy soft! I ordered some Crocs the other day that I hope will match with this and a sweater I want to do. I'm also crocheting on that baby blanket for the lady at my hubbies work still, haven't worked that much on it and thought I'd better get to it. I have three more to do after that one! One for a friend at the candle shop and the other two for a guy who works with my hubby who's expecting twins! Its there first baby and they get two for the price of one!:)


Nell said...

Are crocs really that comfortable? I see people wearing them at work but I wonder how supportive they are. Sorry, that's a little random.

The shawl is gorgeous. She's going to love it.

Dawn said...

Oh Dawn, I enjoyed everything in my package!!! I saw PINK and that was enough! LOL!!!

OMGosh, you're SO way busier than I am!! I'm still working on my lone, single sock! It's okay, I'm having too much fun with my new shawl to notice....(I'm so uppity now that I have my own shawl!) hahahaha! ;O)
Mucho Hugs!!!!!!!!

Nat Red Knits said...

Dawn is a very lucky girl!!!