Thursday, August 21, 2008

Patrick the Bearded Dragon!

Happy Birthday Patrick!
Our bearded dragon is four years old today!
He's named after Patrick, Spongebobs sidekick! Acts just like him...can just here him saying "Duh!" He wasn't in the mood to be photographed either...puffed up and got disgruntled when the flash went off!


Nell said...

Happy Birthday, Patrick! I'm sure you are very nice even though you scare me a little.

Dawn said...

Well, you scare me a whole LOT!!! LOL! (Per Nell's comment)

Happy Birthday Anyway Mr. Patrick!!!:)

Hey Dawn, I'm not knitting anything right now. I couldn't wait to be done with my scarf, and now I can't decide WHAT to knit! I'm a big giant blank!! Off to look thru my patterns....

Take it easy and talk to ya soon!!

Marisol said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick... Gosh many of your family members your Dragon included have summer birthdays eh....

I think Patrick should get a special birthday treat:) A nice juice cricket perhaps?