Friday, August 22, 2008

Blanket Finished!

I've finally finished the crocheted baby turned out sooo pretty! As you can tell from the tiny pink bows...its for a girl!:) Now I need to do a couple hats and booties!
Swimming is going it sooo much! Although some days it feels like we live there...I go in the afternoon and Jimmy goes in the evening. Guess we're a bunch of fishies! Going to check out a new swim team on Monday...our current teams coach left for Mongolia and the assistant coach is either 20-45 minutes late or if she's there she's on her cell phone...needless to say he's just doing laps and not getting coached. This isn't nothing new either about him not getting coached...had to pay for a private coach last year so am hoping this new team will have what we need. Can you tell I've been stressing over this? I just need to focus on whats best for Jimmy.


Marisol said...

Very pretty! It looks like fresh glistening snow:) I am sure it will make baby and mommy very happy:)

Angela said...

Your blanket is so beautiful and you dragon looks a little scary. I love the pink bow touch.

Dawn said...

Yay! I knew you'd get it done! Who are all these baby things for? Well, maybe you can knit one of the other ones to help your poor wrists! I think you did a great job as usual!

Man, that's a bummer. Hope you find a better coaching situation! Have any of the other parents complained about this person?

Hang in there and keep up the great work! (As I sit here doing absolutely nothing! :P LOL!)

Nell said...

Good luck finding a better coach for Jimmy. That really does make all the difference!

Alana said...

Very pretty! Its just looks like the perfect baby blanket!

Nat Red Knits said...

It turned out beautiful! I still say you should have entered it into Ravelympics.