Saturday, August 30, 2008

Frog Aquatics!

Made this hat for Jimmy because its the colors of his new swim team....Frog Aquatics! He is sooo excited over the and black! He's swam on this new team all week and toadally loves it! He got out of the pool after practice the first day and said "wow Mom, its so nice to be coached!" Both of the coaches are so nice and awesome instructors/coaches. Everything is organized, well run and not a bunch of drama! So nice to take him to swim without all the added garbage! I can see improvement in his swimming technique in just a week with them! The pool is beautiful and is in such a nice area. Everything about it is just pleased we tried it...we love it. The coach is also starting a Masters Swim Team on Tuesday and I signed up for it too...we'll both be Frogs!:) Hopefully I can start Tuesday but I'm having the second half of my root canal that day so don't know if I'll be feeling well enough...I'll keep my fingers crossed! Had a wonderful first week of school too!

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Nell said...

Thank goodness that change worked out. It's scary to take a risk like that sometimes. But it's awesome when it works out!