Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yeah, my Mary Jane Crocs came in the mail today! These are my favorite shoes ever! They are soooo comfy and easy to clean too! Plus I got free shipping from Surf and Dirt! I wish I could get them in every color. Its soooo hard to decide which ones to get. I had brown, light blue and black already but I'd love green, yellow, red, light pink, gold.....see its hard to decide on a color!:)

Jimmy's ortho appt. went well yesterday. Very relieved he doesn't have to have four permanent teeth pulled like his dentist thought, whew. Such a relief! He also started back on the swim team last night. Hasn't swam in quite awhile so was a very tired boy last night! He has a meet coming up on the 16th so has to get in shape for that. Then that evening the team is having their yearly banquet where the kids receive a trophy, get to play and have a yummy potluck all together. Its always great fun for the parents and kids!

Today is our dog, Gypsy's birthday, she's turning 9!:) She got a yummy bone, a stuffed slice of pizza with a stuffed Parmesan bottle! Gotta go work on getting the school year planned out!


Dawn said...

I wanna see what they look like on ya!! :) Pictures please!!?? I've never tried crocs...(I'm probably the only one! LOL!) - It's the age thing for me, I need my comfy Easy Spirits to make it through this life without pain on the bottom of my feet! :P

I bet you're getting busy! My girls start back to school Aug 11th. When do you and Jimmie start? Glad he's back to swimming and Happy Birthday to Gypsy!!!!

Nat Red Knits said...

Happy Birthday Gypsy!!

I love Crocs too. Ultra comfy, and great for people with foot problems and diabetes.

Nell said...

Happy Birthday, Gypsy!!!

OK, OK, I give. Those crocs are cute!