Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple Valley Fun!

We've been making lots of trips to Apple Valley/Lucerne this week. We bought a forest! Just kidding! We bought a bunch of trees/bushes/pots/drip system etc. from a wonderful lady in Lucerne Valley. I'll post a pic later of all the trees. We had so much fun at her house. Those are her llamas...she has 45! They're magnificent creatures...temperament of a cat, they'll sniff you but you don't sniff them!:) Jimmy helped her with feeding them too!

They really didn't care to be hand fed, but Jimmy was determined to try!:) She also has a ton of chickens/chicks which we had a blast watching and trying to pet! Among her furry family was also four sweet dogs and a parrot! She also had four huge apple trees and offered to let us pick some. I think for every couple apples Jimmy picked he ate one! I've never seen this kid eat so much fruit!:) She also gave us some yummy, juicy pears and some farm fresh eggs! Yup, you can guess what I'm going to do butterscotch bars, apple spice cake....She's the nicest lady and we'll have to keep in touch. Big hugs to her!:)

Bet you're wondering how the yarn pic fits into this....well you know me if we're going for a drive I punch into Knitmap to find the yarn stores. Found an awesome one its called Fanciwerks Yarn Shoppe (21810 Highway 18, Unit 10 Apple Valley, CA 92307). Think I will consider this my favorite local yarn store. Huge, I mean huge selection, lots of samples, super duper people working...I was in fiber heaven! Did I remember to take pics? NO, and I even had it with me! I was too busy touching and oohing and aahing! Found this cardigan pattern and just had to have it. Also got this yummy yarn in a gorgeous shade of green! The green is a reminder of all the beautiful trees we got there! Good excuse huh? hee hee! And guess what everything in the store was 25% off! Did I time this visit right or what! Can't wait to go back!



Nell said...

What a fun day!!! Llamas are the best. They are so sweet.

Hopefully Jimmy's tummy managed all that fruit!

Dawn said...

Wow! What fun you guys are having!
I wish I lived closer to you so I could have some of those baked goodies! yummmm

I think it's been worth the trips you've had to make! :)