Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yummy Trees!

Bought a couple of new trees this weekend. Can you guess what it is? TN Dawn should know!:) It grows yummy orange/red fruit...makes yummy cookies and bread....persimmon trees! Hopefully will have our own persimmons by next year. Got two different Asian varieties of them. Also bought 8 more honeysuckle plants.
Horrible, excruciating dental visit yesterday. He worked on me for over an hour and a half! My jaws are so sore from open/shut/open/shut. Was just supposed to have simple crowns installed. First the girl couldn't get the temporaries off...had to get the dentist and I about squirmed out of the chair, so he had to numb me up. Redheads don't numb easily...we have to be numbed like a horse! So they get it numb and get the temporaries off. Then comes the fitting of the new crowns (of course these are in the very back of my mouth). I guess I have a deep bite like a pit bull so they had to keep fixing it over and over and over. The girl couldn't get it right so had to go get the dentist again. He filed, sawed, and worked it and finally got it done. Although during this time I came un-numb, oh joy. My gums are so torn up, swollen and sore they gave me a special rinse that about gags the crap out of you. Lucky me! I think I'll stick with salt water, I about puked rinsing with that other stuff. Thank God for advil! One good thing my sinuses no longer hurt, too much pain in my mouth to notice if my head is hurting!:) Didn't swim last night, kind of hard being numb lip and have drool pooling out your mouth into the pool, kind of disgusting! Not going to go today either, don't want germs floating into my mouth, my luck I'd get some foreign thingy in there! Gotta get back to teachin' school....Tootles!


Katnmouse's Knitting Diary said...

I love persimmon cookies. Brings back memories of my childhood and my great grandma. Way to go!!

Dawn said...

OOOOHHHHH!! I can't wait to see all those beautiful persimmons on your trees!! And I'll be crossing my fingers that you make cookies again!!! :) :) :)

I'm so sorry they did that to you! You should get a discount for all the pain! Is it any better now? Well, take it easy, I agree, no swimming until you feel much better!


Nat Red Knits said...

I can sympathize with your dental pain! I know all about having those extra shots to numb my mouth. It is called the curse of the redhead ;)

Nell said...

Wow! Persimmons!?!?!??! That's such a California thing. The first time I saw them in the market I bought some because I thought they were a type of tomato. Oops!