Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chinese Waves Cloth!

Finished this cloth last night...love this pattern, very relaxing and an enjoyable knit. Makes a wonderful spa'ish (yes, new word) cloth! Also I finally tweaked around with my blog so you will notice changes in the side. Yes, Dawn, I finally got around to it! Whats funny is I want to cast on for more projects because of the progress bars! I know I'm behind in my socks, maybe I'll cast on for that, and another dishcloth...hee hee, then I'll have two more progress bars! Also figured out on Ravelry how to add the cute cups of tea, cake, pizza etc. to posts and messages! I'm learnin' this computer stuff! I'll have to go to work with my honey! I don't see how he can look at that coding stuff all day, it makes my eyes cross!

Off to get ready for another dental visit...they're supposed to check and make sure my jaw/tooth isn't infected anymore. Also need to take Jimmy to get some school pictures taken...we'll see about that one! Dentist might be enough of an outing for me today! It seems everyone is having root canals lately....Jeanne, Me, my Mom, my Grandma, Jimmy's coach, Tammy.....Very strange!


Dawn said...

I love the changes to your blog! I was wondering if you were ever going to put that stuff up! I thought you just typed the word and the food pic's showed up on Rav?? What's the secret? Do tell!!

That's a great cloth! I wish Cotton wasn't so hard on my hands! I love knitting FAST things! Those kind of projects are perfect!

I hope the dentist says you're okay! Keeping good thoughts for ya!


Channon said...

My teeth hurt just reading about it all. Hope you're good to go!

Nell said...

Good luck at the dentist!