Monday, October 20, 2008


This is a pic of all the trees/bushes we bought that I mentioned in the previous post. The last row by the house is the bushes but the trees are blocking them. Rows and rows and rows! Lots of watering for me!

The place where we bought the trees the lady emailed me this pic yesterday...she came home and look at what she found? A baby! Isn't she/he beautiful?! To bad we didn't get to see this! Just want to give it some lovin'! So sweet!

I made a yummy Apple Cinnamon Upside Down Cake yesterday with some of the apples we picked...yummmy! Did a gauge swatch on the new yarn too but thats as far as I got! I really hate doing those too...then I'd noticed the needles I was using had little teeth marks...grrrrr! Have to use a different set when I start the cardigan otherwise it'll pick the yarn! With the boys going fishing this weekend I can hopefully rest and do some knittin'! Gotta go back to the dentist tomorrow to have them check my mouth...oh joy! It is feeling better though so thats a good thing!


Dawn said...

How do you like that yarn? I can't wait to see how your sweater turns out! :)

Gosh, how much is your water bill gonna be? LOL! It will be worth it, your yard will be gorgeous!

That baby llama is so cute! Are you guys going back?

knittinwolf said...

So far I'm loving the soft!

We have our own water bill!

I'd love to go see the baby llama!

Nell said...

OMG- Those are a lot of trees! I hope they grow big and strong!