Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mystery Beret KAL

Finished my Butterfly Lace this color, and quite a fun pattern.
I have almost five inches on my Loppem. This has to be done with no tv or distractions because of the charting. Can't be tired either or all the little dots start blurring together and who knows what it'd look like then.
Also started a Mystery Beret Knit A Long with my buddy, Dawn. The designer posts pieces of the pattern in regular intervals until its done on a group board on Ravelry. Its a mystery until its finished! A fun, quick project! I'm using Dark Horse Yarn, Fantasy in a country blue with size 7 circular needles. I bought this yarn when our local yarn store was closing and so far its quite nice. Very soft and hopefully will show the pattern well. Gotta go knit on it so I can catch up to Dawn! Did vacuum, do laundry, teach school and iron today too...what fun! TTFN!


Nell said...

What a fun project!!!

Dawn said...

Yay! I'm glad you decided to do it too. It's a small enough project that I thought it'd be fun!

I'm using a 16 inch circ, it does look small huh? LOL! If I have to switch up later I think I have a 24inch one. I started the other one in Dream In Color last night too, I really should do a gauge swatch...but I like to live dangerously!! ;O)

Happy Boo Halloween Day!!! I'm off to watch some spooky movies! (during the day only!) hahaha!!