Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dogs on Thursdays...DOT!

Gypsy is wagging her tail so hard over her new bone you can't even see it in the photo!:)

She got this bone on her birthday, August 5...and she hasn't touched it! Usually a normal size bone she devours in minutes!

Maybe we should let Fuji lick on it and then maybe she'd eat it?
Happy DOT!

James, Jimmy and my Dad are all going fishing this weekend....knittin' time for me!:) My Mom's birthday is tomorrow...Happy Birthday Mom....then my Dad's is Monday...Happy Birthday Dad!


dogquilter said...

hahaha she is very proud of her bone even if she isn't eating it yet!!

Marjie said...

Thor can't handle bones of that size either. My sons buy them so he can trot around with them for a little while, then the bone is sawn in half so Thor can hold it between his paws and gnaw it. Gypsy looks pleased and a bit puzzled by this gift. Cute pictures!

Sue said...

Wow, she probably doesn't know where to start on such an enormous bone. My guys would be running into things and knocking things over with that big a bone.

Dawn said...

That's too funny!
Happy Birthday Wishes to all!

Channon said...

Like Thor, Fred liked the idea of a big bone, but he needed it sawed down to size before he'd really "dig in."

Happy birthday wishes all around!

Courtney said...

Gypsy is so cute!

g-girl said...

she probably wants to keep it forever! i would. ;)