Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shreddin' & Readin'

On Twitter there are five of us who started the Couch to 5K a couple of weeks ago...then one of them found this DVD and got us talked into doing it too. OMG....this is a butt kicker workout plus it has 3 levels! We're only on Level 1...haven't even looked at any of the other levels, can't even imagine the pain on those ones! The first couple of days I could barely walk...we have a sunk in family/living room and trying to step up or down on those to make it to the other side was a killer. Then trying to use the bathroom was a whole other story, had to ease on to the toilet just to go potty! Really wanted James to install those handrails in the bathroom area so I'd having something to grip onto!:) Took a day off and then did it again and it has eased up a bit...still a rough workout but no pain no gain right!:) Haven't been doing my C25K because I couldn't function after this workout but might try to add it back with this this coming week! Its fun that were keeping each other accountable on twitter too!

Ordered these books from amazon the other day..maybe my Jillian workout will get me in shape to knit a wild bikini...haha


Channon said...

Gretchen and I have a walking date this afternoon to test out the new harness. I suppose wild Sissy will have to come along, just because those two can't stand to be apart. That's the closest to exercise I can get still, but my back's healing!

Dawn said...

Well. No pain, no gain (or loss!) I suppose! That sounds like it would kill me. Thanks for the book leads, I'm always looking for new ones at my library.