Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweater Babe!

Fuji is soooo glad this sweater is being donated to a good cause....

In Los Angeles County, we have lots of local animal shelters with TONS of adorable animals in need of a loving home. Namaste, Inc. will donate all dog sweaters that they receive to our local animal shelters, in the hopes that these sweaters will bring the lonely creatures some comfort and perhaps “doll them up” enough to make them more appealing to their potential new owners. Look what a fashion diva Fuji is...haha!
So here’s the contest- each handmade dog sweater you send Namaste, Inc. will earn you a raffle ticket to win one of 3 prizes. 3rd place raffle winner gets a Mini Clutch in your color choice, 2nd place raffle winner gets a brand new Hermosa bag in your color choice, and the grand prize raffle winner gets a brand new Hermosa bag, as well as a Mini Clutch to match.We know these things take time, so the deadline for the contest is September 30th.. You can submit as many sweaters as you like (please include contact info per submission), this will only earn you better chances to win the prize. Please let us know if you have any questions and the animals of Namaste say “thanks” for playing :).
Submit your awesome dog sweaters to:
Namaste Inc. 9025 Eton Ave. Suite A Canoga Park, CA 91304


Channon said...

I do hope the reluctant - but still adorable! - model was rewarded for her efforts?

Dawn said...

She gave me a much needed chuckle today! How funny she is! :O)

Sue said...

She didn't look too happy to be modeling a sweater in August. I'll have to get my needles going.

Knitting Kris said...

What a great dog sweater! Fuji is the perfect model, although I agree she doesn't look so happy about it! :)
What a great cause, and I love it!
Love your WIP's too!

Nat Red Knits said...

She is such a good dog!